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    MCPIL collectively refers to a group of launchers for Minecraft: Pi Edition, developed and maintained by the MCPI Revival project.

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    Old Launcher (MCPIL-Legacy)[edit | edit source]

    The original Launcher started as the main project of MCPI-Revival (previously known as MCPI-Devs), featuring various projects such as ModPi and the multiplayer proxy,[1] but when MCPI-Reborn (previously MCPI-Docker) was created, the project tried to be compatible with it, resulting in a fragile "only works on my machine" program. After an hiatus, the project was abandoned. It was officially deprecated after after the MCPIL-R release.

    Timeline for MCPIL-Legacy[2]
    Version Sub-version

    (pre-releases, snapshots, etc.)

    v0.7.3 Full Release Fixed Python 3.8+ compatibility.
    v0.7.2 Full Release Fixed GLFW-related bug.
    v0.7.1 Full Release Attempt to fix MCPI-Reborn integration.
    v0.7.0 Never released Initial integration with MCPI-Reborn mods.
    v0.7.0-rc1 Release Candidate
    v0.6.2 Full Release Fixed bugs.
    v0.6.1 Full Release Corrected typos.
    v0.6.0 Full Release
    • Better threading.
    • Various fixes.
    v0.6.0-rc2 Release Candidate
    v0.6.0-rc1 Release Candidate
    v0.5.0 Full Release First version with Debian packaging.
    v0.4.0 Full Release
    • Added ModPi integration.
    • Fixed bugs.
    v0.3.0 Full Release
    • Better stability.
    • Rootless installation and usage.
    • Fixed bugs.
    v0.2.0 Full Release
    • Added Mod API.
    • Added Mod compilation.
    • Proxy integration.
    • Fixed bugs.
    v0.1.1 Full Release
    • Added world settings.
    v0.1.0 Full Release Initial release.

    Developers[edit | edit source]

    Alvarito050506, gamer4life1, StealthHydra179, nobody5050 and Khhs167.

    Reborn Project (MCPIL-R)[edit | edit source]

    After the abandonment of the original project, a new one was built, with some concepts like MCPI-Reborn integration and a better internal design in mind. This version was deprecated, and had reached most of its goals.

    Timeline for MCPIL[3]
    Version Sub-version

    (pre-releases, snapshots, etc.)

    0.2.0 Unreleased beta Taskbar Icons,

    Splash text,

    Dark theme,

    Appearance tab,

    Optmised MCPE profile

    Option to hide launcher on boot

    0.1.9 Full Release Better proxy threading
    0.1.8 Full Release Added render distance options.
    0.1.7 Full Release Added the server typed in by default.
    0.1.6 Full Release Fixed typo.
    0.1.5 Full Release Dropped the -R (Reboot) from the name.
    0.1.4 Full Release Update to reflect MCPI-Reborn name change
    0.1.3 Full Release Changed logo from Nether Reactor to Raspberry Pie.
    0.1.2 Full Release Fixed multiplayer proxy not starting/stopping correctly.
    0.1.1 Full Release Updated multiplayer proxy version.
    0.1.0 Full Release Initial Release.

    Developers[edit | edit source]

    TheBrokenRail, Alvarito05050, StealthHydra179, nobody5050, RPiNews, gamer4life1 and LEHAtupointow.

    jMCPIL and gMCPIL[edit | edit source]

    After the deprecation of MCPIL-R, two new competing launchers were developed, jMCPIL and gMCPIL. The former is written in Java using the built-in Swing library, and the later is written in C using the GTK+ 3 library (later rewritten to use Vala for the frontend). These two competed to replace MCPIL-R, and due to rigged submissions during the vote, both replaced MCPIL-R, with users being able to choose between the two in the Pi-Apps installer.

    Developers[edit | edit source]

    TheBrokenRail (jMCPIL), Alvarito05050 (gMCPIL).

    Trivia[edit | edit source]

    • There is no "World Settings" tab in any MCPIL launcher except MCPIL-Legacy.

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